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Zhongyu Technology Incubator 2014 European exchange equipment and automation equipment

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November 20, in the fifth floor Xi Yu Technology in China organized a "European Technology Incubator 2014 Zhongyu equipment and automation equipment exchange", invited to the Belgian EMKA's Daniel Abraham and Dutch Innovatec's Christophe Bohez, as we explain today Europe's most advanced design concepts and equipment hatch and automated equipment, the major livestock experts to the company's hatch will attend.




Yi Make incubation equipment for the world-renowned manufacturer headquartered in Belgium. Has a number of core patented technology. Integrated control through five major aspects of the incubation process, which are as follows: egg turning system, temperature control systems, humidity control systems, ventilation systems, control systems and CO2 targets. Each system has its own unique and innovative technology, the incubation process more simple and efficient! Its original 27 ℃ temperature control double helix pipe cooling system, the temperature more uniform, in addition, the use of CO2 control technology, the hatching period is shortened, the hatching rate of 95%.






Innovatec Eno Wacker company was founded in 1991, is located in Europe, Belgium, has been focused on hatchery automation. Currently, Europe's largest incubator automation vendors, as well as many large incubator supplier, accounting for around 10 countries Belgium and 77% of the market, accounting for 99.99% of the German market turkeys, ducks occupy 99.99% of the Dutch market. And enter the Asian market with the 2012, has become South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries incubation automation equipment suppliers. Incubator company provides professional automation solutions for each client, helping customers improve hatchery efficiency, by reducing the cost of incubation to improve customer money.             






Only sharing knowledge is more valuable exchange of experience will only be sublimated, Zhongyu Technology is committed to the common development of global partners to promote the cause of China hatching process, and strive to build China's first service brand livestock equipment.

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