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Development of the poultry equipment mechanization and feeding mode

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Generally speaking, poultry equipment mechanization degree is related with the farm production scale, where the farm scale is larger, the degree of mechanization chicken equipment demand higher; small scale, the degree of mechanization chicken equipment can be lower, even manual labor, therefore, the main development of chicken chicken farm equipment includes following direction:

1 hatching poultry equipment: equipment is mainly chicken hatching machine and hatching machine

2 feeding chicken equipment: including feed and feed servo mechanical, water supply and water dispenser, coop cleaning, egg collecting machine.

3 feed processing equipment: chicken feed processing machinery and equipment, including the raw material bin, conventional batching bin, finished products warehouse, cleaning equipment, transportation equipment, dust removal system, metering device, a broken machine, mixing machine, packing machine.

4 transportation equipment: including egg chicken, chicken, chicken and broiler transport. Eggs and chicks from the hatchery, between the farm or farm and egg processing plant, should be with the tone sandhi of vehicle.

According to the situation of our country, large and medium-sized city farm built chicken equipment of high degree of mechanization production.

Now, most of the chicken users are using the mechanized poultry equipment, the use of mechanized chicken equipment currently used in rearing and two mechanized feeding mode.

1 chicken rearing

Is the chicken rearing scattered farming in the henhouse, also known as the backyard. Flat chicken strengths is the mechanical equipment simple chicken, chicken of the activities of a large space, growth and development, build an investment is less, use less or do not have the full price of feed. But its defect is feeding the low density, an accumulated on the large, low productivity of labor.

2 chicken cage

The cage is to keep the chickens breeding in the cage. It is able to carry out the air, so the high breeding density, area of small, easy to breed chickens for investigators and, to feed costs, labor productivity is high, easy to complete mechanization, conducive to disease prevention. Dong the chicken equipment investment is large, the environment of chicken house demand strict, high demand for feed.

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