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Chicken brooder should use appropriate equipment insulation equipment

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Chicken brooder should use appropriate equipment insulation equipment
1. Flue for temperature: temperature flue for a ground level and underground flue flue two kinds. Ground level in the brood chamber wall flue built a stove, according to the size of the brood chamber area in the room with one or two brick flue stove at one end and connected. Flue arranged in the form of premises may be due. The other end of the flue after piercing the right side wall, along the wall of the outer building a high chimney, the chimney should be about 1 meter above the house, on the ground and through the flue brood chamber space heating. Underground and aboveground flue flue compared insignificant, but interior flue built underground, flush with the ground. It should be noted for the temperature flue flue can not leak to prevent gas poisoning. Flue temperature for the indoor air fresh, dried manure can reduce infections, apply to the majority of farmers and small and medium sized chicken farms, for rearing and cage are suitable.
2. Coal stove for temperature: iron stove from the stove and chimney components. When the first stoker coal stove into the brood chamber after heating, plus iron stove chimney, chimney extends outdoors, at the interface chimney must be sealed to prevent leakage resulting soot chicks gas poisoning death. This method is suitable for small-scale poultry farmers to use, convenient and simple.
3. Umbrella for temperature insulation: Insulation umbrella umbrella from the umbrella of the Ministry and the inner two parts. Ministry of the umbrella is made with galvanized iron or fibreboard umbrella cover, umbrella with an insulating material inside to facilitate heat. Heat source resistance wire, electric pipe or coal stove, etc., mounted around the inner wall of the umbrella, the umbrella center mounting an electric bulb. Insulation diameter of 2 meters umbrella can only chickens 300-500. Brooders brood requires temperature above 24 ℃, under the umbrella of 5 cm height from the ground temperature is 35 ℃, the chicks can freely under the umbrella. Such methods are generally used for flat gaskets brood.
4. Infrared bulb brood: using infrared heat lamps emit brood, simple, widely used. In order to increase the heating effect of infrared light, the upper part of the bulb can produce a size suitable for insulation shade, infrared bulb hanging height is generally 25-30 cm from the ground. A 250-watt infrared lamp at room temperature 25 ℃, generally available for 110 chicks insulation, 20 ℃ for 90 when the chicks warm.
5. Far infrared heating for temperature: Far infrared heater is a resistance wire heating plate, side plate coated with far infrared coating (dark brown), infrared excitation through the resistor wire coating did not see infrared light emitting one kind fever, indoor heating. The far infrared heater installed dark brown coat down 2 meters from the ground, with wire or round steel, angle steel and the like fixed. 8 500 watts infrared panels are available 50 m2 brood chamber heating. Preferably in the far infrared placement of a small fan between the plates, so that the indoor temperature uniformity, this heating power is larger, but brood effect efficiency is good. Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhucheng Zhongyu

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