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control system



Is mainly used for a closed Chuqin ventilation control.Signal based on the temperature and humidity sensors,ventilation,heating,water curtain measures the animal building enironmetal temprature and humidity control in a set of curves,in order to meet the growing requirements of livestock and poultry.


.High-performance CPU

.The liquid crystal display

.Hermetic controller chassis

.The subjects were divided into eight stages of the fan(S1-S8)controller temperature and humidity,1 road cooling device(S9),the 1 road heating unit(S10)and 1 channel 0-10V heating output(V3),1 road materials the line output(S11),road ilumination output(S12)

Separate temperature probe.

Temperature control curve,user according farming need a temperature curve,the controller can be set to automatically adjust the temperature and humidity in accordace with the setting curve.

Minium ventilation curve to ensure that the indoor oxygen supply and normal humidity,minimum ventilation curve can be set by the user,in accordance with the size of the herd age automatically adjust the minimum ventilation rate of the breeding room.

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