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DOL 539 Climate

DOL 539 Climate

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The DOL 539 production functionality is available in two modules with different levels of functionlity.Simple production functionality or production functionality with the possibility of mixing several feed components.

The DOL 539 production module without feed mixing can handle all basic functions in poultry production.DOL 539 can control feeding activated on preset dates by means of a 24-hour clock.The house computer handles weighing of feed using the DOL 998 feed weigher or electronic weighing of silos.Furthermore,the production computer registers the weight of the birds through a connected bird  weigher;It also controls light and water and registers the silo content.

Similarly to DOL 95,the DOL 539 production module,including mixing of feed,also enables mixing of feed is based on an advanced feed program which also registers the quantity of feed consumed.The computer can handle gradual changes between the four different feed components.

The production module,including mixing of feed,integrates a program for restricted feeding as well aswheat feeding . With this module,it is also possible to supply a separate quantity of feed and mixture to up to nine destinations in a single livestock house;for instance six feed pans for males.

DOL 539 house computers are LAN-based,thus offering the possibility of direct connection to FarmOnline via a 100 Mbit Ethernet connection.

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