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control system



Mainly used in closed premises ventilation control.Signal based on the temperature and humidity sensors,ventilation,heating,water pumps and other measures of wet curtain premises environmental temperature and humidity control in a set of curves to meet the requirementsof nvironmental control.


.Optional LCD display module(192*64 dot matrix),can be up to 24 English characters,12 characters for  display,monitoring and parameter settings provide a more clear and effective interface.High brightness red digital long distance can be observed in the current indoor temperature.

Fully enclose cotollers chassis:

The controller is fully enclosed design chassis grade IP65,keyboard use touch keyboard(4*4)controller with 8 red LED to indicate the current operating status of the users do not have to enter the breeding room,can detect the operationof the system.

8-stage controller to control obhects for the heater,constant speed fan,wet curtain pumping equipment.

Separate temperature probe.

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