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DOL2200 Alarm System

DOL2200 Alarm System


DOL 2200 is a series of alarms triggering alarms via a local alarm indicator-a siren,a flashing light,etc.-or via a telephone in case of irregularities.DOL 2200 can monitor the temperature in 10 sections.Alternatlvely,ON/OFF can be selected for each input so that it can be used to trigger alarms for empty silo,stuck augers,oil burner defects,etc.Extension modules are available if more alarm inputs are required.DOL 2200 has a lare graphical display that shows the temperature and alarm status for each input.If DOL  2200 is connected to a telephone line,alarms can be transmitted to several telephones at the same time or in a specific order. Calls can be acknwledged thus stopping the alarm.All functions can be controlled remotely vla a telephone.

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