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.World’s only 6 level candling unit
    .back in development
    .dead large
    .dead small

.Highest reliability

.Full diagnostic software via 12” colour touch screen


2、 Back Filling

.Only fully developed machine available

.Up to 90,000 eggs per hour

.Patent pending

.Full colour touch screen user interface

.Guaranteed egg breakage less than 0.025%

.Adjustable filling number


3、Egg Removal & Transfer

.All clear eggs removed with one smooth movement

.Up  to 90,000 eggs per hour

.A minimum of moving parts and low speeds.

.Minimal space requirements

.Simple design

.Ease of cleaning


4、Egg Removal & Transfer

.All clear eggs removed with one smooth movement

.Up  to 50,000 eggs per hour

.A minimum of moving parts and low speeds

.Very compact

.Simple design 

.Ease of cleaning

.Automatic unloading available


5、Chick Separation, Weighing, Counting Vaccinating & Boxing

.Almost fluff free

.No shells on floor

.Up to 120,000 chicks per hour

.Highest chick hygiene by lowest dropping heights and lowest chick density during separation

.Continuous weighing 
.Counting accuracy better than1:4000 

Lowest belt speeds worldwide resulting in minimal chick stress


.Softener for all water prior to entering the hatchery

.Soaking is “Gold”

.Each individual washing machine specifically designed for your tray or trolley

.Complete range of washing machines developed for use in hatcheries

.Unique high yield concept consisting of:
   . Large diameter tubes
   .Large bends
   .Specially designed nozzles
   .Specific nozzle arrangement for 
   .each tray/trolley

.High Pressure system recycling water for optimum energy efficiency and minimal water usage

.Fully static nozzle arrangement ensuring maximum reliability and minimal service

.Minimal Floor area requirement

7、Waste Handling

.Innovatec created the industrial standard

.Lowest noise level 72dbA 

.No oil

.Highest vacuum level possible 0.9 bar vacuum

.Use of water ring pump ensuring minimal maintenance

.100% sealable, maximum Hygiene

.Easy and clean emptying

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