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SALMET-Quality is shown in the details.

Our long years of experience in poultry farming leads us to use metal components that are neither painted nor plasticcoated but equipped with high-quality galvanized metals.This applies to al frames,e.g.of the compartments, the egg collection or the manure belt drive unit. It also applise to the floors,except for the broiler solutions.In our experience plastic floors,equipped ith hinges to allow for smaller control corridors,take better care of the birds.

All modules are assembled using screws and nutswithout on-site-welding.

The components are produced in SALMET's owm production sites.Prior to mass production comprehensive field tests are carried out in our om farms to verity function ,reliability and efficiency.

Thses quality measures result in the constant optimization of animal hygiene,leading to even healthier animals,clean eggs and minimized formation of mites.Ever energy efficiency is improved.






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